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Our online platform will allow you direct access to roofing experts who are on call and ready to consult with you about your roofing needs, right now. We will supply you with access to industry leading material manufacturers, the region’s highest rated installers and a roofing expert to coordinate it all into a seamless, transparent experience. 

We have earned Owens Corning’s highest designation as a Platinum Preferred Contractor.  Only 3% of contractors in America achieve this status, demonstrating our commitment to providing the best quality labor and materials and enables us the exclusive ability to offer the industry’s best warranties.













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Have you ever had trouble getting a hold of a contractor?  Getting an estimate?  Having someone actually show up or call you back?  Amcat’s new system and cooperative network is designed to solve those problems.


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Our Aerial Measurement system saves time and stress, delivering accurate quotes, in the quickest time.

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Depending on your project, Order your:
  • Roof dimensions for roof replacement,
  • Perimeter for gutters
  • Walls for siding
  • Solar array if installing solar panels

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Once we receive the Eagle View measurement from our vendor we will work up the estimate you’ve requested and contact you.

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You will receive the Eagle View Report with the Estimate and the fee will be credited to the job upon contract approval.

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It's hard enough to find a contractor who will actually call you back let alone give you an estimate.  Our system aims to eliminate this problem.  By telling us about your project and ordering the aerial measurement we will have the information needed to supply you with pricing in as little as 1 day.

Once this is completed, you will be contacted by our sales team to set an onsite appointment and have an in depth consultation on your project.  The more we know about what you’re trying to accomplish the better we can help you get there.  This consultation is the most important part of the process.  Understanding your desires, concerns, issues will give our experts the knowledge to best advise you on how your objectives can best be solved.

At this point we will ask additional questions, provide answers to your questions, make suggestions and recommendations about additional things for you to consider.  Once we have a firm idea of what you want we will then go to work to create the estimates for the scope of work we discussed and will then present the options to you.e will be credited to the job upon contract approval.

New Roof Installation

Install to protect

to protect

Your home serves to protect your most valuable assets so it makes sense to give it maximum protection. The IRC building code requires a self adhered water-proof membrane with coverage starting at the roof eave extending continuously upslope until it reaches a minimum of 24″ inside the exterior wall and 36″ in the valleys. For the best protection we recommend full coverage waterproofing, which will give your home and all the treasures within it, maximum protection from water intrusion.

Install to invest

Your roof can represent up to 40% of your home’s “curb appeal”...

Your house isn’t just a home, it is also an asset and with consistent smart decisions you can keep it appreciating in value, increasing your wealth. “You get out what you put in” If you put high quality into your asset, it will be worth more than if you don’t. The quality of the materials used, the skill of the installers, upgraded underlayment & ventilation will all increase the value of your asset.  Lower energy costs, less maintenance expense and higher appraised values all contribute to creating greater value.

“AMCAT Roofing replaced our roof in a few hours!
It looks beautiful, and was such a simple process"

– John A., Durango, CO

Let’s be real, you want your house to look as nice as possible right? And you can’t have a nice house without a nice roof. We offer high end options that add real value with an impressive aesthetic, improved performance and functionality which adds equity to your home. 

…So be a great protector and a smart investor. That’s impressive!!!  It’ll pay off in long run…

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Owens Corning Woodmoor Shingle


$1,000 Deductible & $8,000 for mold mitigation

New Roof Installation

Judy, a local realtor, had a home listing.  Her client was 83 and needed to sell her long-time home so she could move to an assisted living facility. The home inspection found leaks in the roof which caused mold in the attic space.  The new buyer needed to confirm this and see how much it would cost to fix so he could ask for an appropriate concession in his offer.  However, the seller didn’t have enough equity and had no money to pay for a new roof and mold mitigation and still have enough left over to fund her cost of living, so the deal appeared to be dead.  Judy had been hearing from her colleagues about a roofer who might be able to help…  
Amcat came out and assessed the situation, determined that there was hail damage to the shingle roof which would likely qualify for a full replacement through an insurance claim.  Additionally, since the leaks occurred in this same storm, the soaked attic insulation and damaged roof decking could also be covered in the claim.  
Insurance carrier agreed with Amcat’s assessment and covered the full replacement of the asphalt shingles, a full re-deck with 5/8” OSB and fully replaced the fiberglass insulation.  They did not cover mold, but the seller was able to give that amount in a concession to the buyer and still have enough to comfortably move on.  The deal was saved and Judy was the hero Realtor who had the solution in her pocket!  The Seller and Judy were so happy, they told all the neighbors what happened and 5 of them hired 
Amcat who got them new roofs paid through insurance too! 
….and everyone lived happily ever after in the paradise which is Durango.

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“AMCAT Roofing showed up within the hour and quickly repaired our roof at a fair price

– Jennifer W, Durango, CO

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Roof type

R-panel from Metal Center


$1,000 deductible

Metal Roof Repair

Ed is 85 years old and built his bride her dream home in Durango, CO 30 yrs ago and it’s been his pride and joy ever since.  After a large storm came through, his aging metal R-Panel roof sprung a leak in 2 places.  Like always Ed patched it himself but knew he needed a more permanent repair made.  He got online to find the best roofer around and chose Amcat.

Amcat came the next day and discovered not only did 2 pipe flashings wear out and need replacing but the entire roof had hail damage and would likely qualify for a full replacement through an insurance claim. Ed was skeptical but saw no harm in trying so he called his insurance carrier and made a claim.  Sure enough it was approved for a full roof replacement and so was his siding! 

Amcat installed the new roof within the week with Ed sipping a cold one, joyfully watching his problem solved! Then he referred 3 of his neighbors and they all got new roofs too.  Ed is Brilliant!

About us

AMCAT Roofing

AMCAT is a company of people committed to adding value.  We are responsible for providing solutions and clear communication while our Roofing Experts coordinate the many aspects of a roofing transaction, so you don’t have to worry about it. 

We commit to giving our best effort each day to deliver a great process, and if we make a mistake, we will fix it.  All of us at AMCAT would be honored for the opportunity to work with you to help fulfill your roofing needs.

Commercial Roofing

Roofing Services

In commercial roofing, experience and expertise count. With a decade of service, we have a team of skilled professionals that can handle any roofing project.  Each situation is unique so our experts will assess your circumstance and provide tailored solutions to meet your needs.

Our commercial team is a network of experts including the best material manufacturers, the best installers, the best supply chain & logistics managers, equipped with the latest tools and technology to deliver a seamless experience, backed by industry-best warranties.  

We offer a variety of solutions for steep and low-slope roofing systems:

  • Metal concealed fastener and exposed fastener systems
  • Asphalt shingle systems
  • Flat roof, single-ply membrane systems 
  • Roof Coating applications for membrane and metal roofs

To learn more about our roofing solutions, please get in touch with us today. We would like to perform an inspection of your property and provide a detailed assessment of your roofing needs.